Kiwi Kiss

Life isn’t easy. Sometimes, it’s damn hard. But sometimes...sometimes it surprises you.

Sera Thibault has endured her fair share of life’s misfortunes. From the death of her father as a child, to the unexpected collapse of her marriage, Sera’s personal struggles threaten her very chance at finding happiness.

In an unexpected change of plans, Sera finds herself traveling alone to New Zealand, but it’s on that flight from Hell that she meets Kade Ulrich, a tall, dark and sexy Kiwi who - despite seeing her at her worse - champions to be her savior. It’s then that Sera realizes that maybe, just maybe, a bad beginning doesn’t necessarily have to mean a bad ending.

Kade, who still struggles to raise his two sons after losing his beloved wife, finds himself drawn to the intriguing and sensitive beauty in ways he can’t explain. Realizing that Sera has been put in his life’s path for a reason, the handsome yet stubborn ex-Army Major vows to not let her go until he finds out why.

Through heartache, tears and even laughter, Sera and Kade are on a journey to discover not only themselves. But each other.